Vetafarm Herpavet Lizard Food 1kg

ILC: 9317657500199


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Herpavet Lizard Food is a fully extruded and complete balanced food for blue tongues, shingle backs and monitors. Also suitable food for Bearded Dragons. Herpavet Lizard Food contains Australian Mutton Bird oil, which has an attractive taste for lizards.
Blue Tongues can be greedy! This makes over feeding them quite easy to do. Daily feeds are recommended for juvenile Blue Tongues and feeds every second day for adults.

Herpavet Lizard Food contains a good balance of Vet formulated nutrition, but always offer some fresh and preferably softer fruit and veg (grapes, strawberries, apple etc). The odd snail is always a Blue Tongue favourite but should be minimised and used as treats along with red meat and banana. Avoid fish or fish based products (such as cat food) if at all possible. Remove uneaten fresh foods daily. Herpavet Lizard Food can be left in the enclosure as long as it remains dry.