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Pets Own Dog & Puppy Milk 1 Litre

ILC: 611974846114


Pets Own Dog and Puppy Milk 1 Litre

Pets Own Dog and Puppy Milk is specially formulated for weaning puppies up to mature dogs. It contains specially selected fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and is high in protein and contains glucosmine to help with development and maintenance of healthy joints.

Glucosamine is now widely accepted as an aid in the treatment of hip and joint pain associated with osteoarthritis and old age in dogs, Pets Own Dog and Puppy Milk has 1100mg/L of Glucosmine sulphate added. By feeding Pets Ownd Dog and Puppy Milk to your dog or puppy at the levels recommended in the feeding chart, it will receive on a daily basis the approximate amount of Glucosamine per Kg of body weight generally recommended to be beneficial.

Lactose Free - Lactose in milk cannot be digested by most puppies after weaning and normally causes diahorrea and stomach upsets. Pets Own Dog and Puppy Milk has had all of the lactose removed which enables the nutrients to be safetly digested by your puppy.

Calcium - It is essentail that as young dogs grow they receive adequate calcium intake to build strong bones that will support their weight as they grow older. This is particularly important in larger breeds and equally important is that the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio is maintained. Pets Own Dog and Puppy Milk is one of the best natural sources of calcium.

Fluid Intake - It is vitally important for all dogs especially growing puppies that they maintain adequate fluid intake. Puppies and dogs fed on dry foods without adequate fluid intake cani n later years suffer from kidney disorders. Pets Own Dog and Puppy Milk is highly palatable and is and ideal way of ensuring good fluid intake as well as offering your pet the benefits of good nutrition.

Ingredients - Whole Milk; vegetable oil; non fat milk solids; emulsifier; vegetable gum; glucosamine sulphate; amino acids; (incl Methonine); minerals; vitamins; lactose enzyme