Exo Terra

Exo Terra Moss Ball for Clarity & Odor Control

ILC: 015561224789


The Exo Terra Moss Ball helps provide crystal clear water and reduce odours. Designed to resemble its natural counterpart, the Exo Terra Moss Ball contains a special absorption resin that helps reduce many of the compounds that encourage unsightly organic matter accumulation. By absorbing and trapping phosphate, nitrite and nitrate within its core, the Exo Terra Moss Ball helps to create ideal conditions for animals and plants and makes aqua-terrarium maintenance easy.
Simply place the Exo Terra Moss Ball in the water part of the terrarium/aqua-terrarium. Then, depending on the water volume, replace with new Exo Terra Moss Ball every two months for maximum effectiveness. Treats 30 to 60L terrariums and can be used in aquariums.