Blue Planet

Blue Planet Tankmaid Filter Pro 1000 Bio Sponge

ILC: 9400539094388


Blue Planet TankMaid Media Kit is a replacement media pack suitable for Blue Planet Tank Maid filters. This complete kit includes a bio-sponge with activated carbon which can be easily inserted inside your tank’s filter box to help remove dust, dirt, and other pollutant particles and help clean and deodorise dirty tank water. The key features of Blue Planet Tank Maid Media Kit are:

Filter media kit includes bio-sponge and activated carbon.
Suitable for Blue Planet Tank Maid Pro Filters.
Activated charcoal removes nasty odour build-up and cloudiness from tank water.
Contains bio-sponge to reduce harmful ammonia build-up from food residue and pet waste.
Helps support aquatic life with a bacteria-free environment.
Helps maintain a longer and higher quality of life for your pet fish.

1000: Suitable for Filter Pro 1000.