Barastoc Rabbit and Guinea Pig Pellets 20kg

ILC: 9310394012635


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Rabbit and Guinea Pig is a palatable, nutritious and balanced pelleted feed made from cereal grains and lucerne. It is specifically formulated for the growth and maintenance of rabbits and guinea pigs, and is intended as a supplementary feed to hay, chaff, fruits and vegetables.

What will it provide my animals?

The right balance of protein, energy and fibre for good health.
All the minerals and vitamins they need.
Hard texture of the pellet helps keep the rabbits teeth short and in good health.
Vitamin C at the level required by Guinea Pigs.
Contains Yucca Schidigera extract, a natural odour absorbing ingredient to reduce the ammonia smell from pet housing.
What’s in it?

INGREDIENTS SELECTED FROM THE FOLLOWING: Cereal Grains and By-products, Legumes and their By-products, Vegetable Protein Meals, Vegetable Oils, Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Yucca Schidigera Extract.