TBH Hemp, Camomile & Cricket Plant & Insect Based Dog Treats 100g

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TBH Organic Cricket with Hemp and Camomile 100g


To Be Honest - Hemp, Camomile, Cricket and other good stuff.

Let's Be Honest. Our Dogs are omnivores, they need a balanced diet, just like their two-legged freinds do?

That's why we absolutely never ever include any meat derivatives. Just a whole lot of good stuff that's 100% grown by nature.

To Be Honest treats are clean, green and contain important proteins for a reason. Each combo is consciously baked for tail-wagging pawfection. No nasties, just purely tasty.

Choose from a range that also include ingredients such as hemp, pumpkin, camomile, peanut butter - plus our signature blend with ground cricket (they taste like almonds!) for an extra earthy protein boost.

While it sounds like a big promise To Be Honest strives to lighten our pawprint and make the environment smile again. Because honestly, we just love our dogs.

That's our pledge to you, your dog and the planet.

Chickpea flour; sweet potato flour; coconut flour; cricket powder; hemp seeds; camomile tea leaves; plus a pink of sea salt