FuzzYard Dog Coat Vest Fabmingo 45 -46.4cm

ILC: 9345719022259


Fabulous, flamingo... Fabmingo! What dog won't want to wear this cute design?! FuzzYard wrap vests are a great way to keep your dog warm in cooler weather. This vest has easy-to-fasten velcro straps and a super-soft fleece lining, they're super simple to put on and comfortable to wear. There's even a button sized access point to connect your lead to your pet's harness.

Size 5.
Chest - 66 - 67 cm
Length - 45 - 46.4 cm
Neck - 42 - 44 cm
Usually fits: English Staffy, Bulldog, Collie, Beagle, English Cocker Spaniel.

Shell - 100% Polyester, Lining - 100% Polyester,
Rib - 100% Cotton, Filling - 100% Polyester.
Velcro Design.
Non-toxic, non-allergenic, machine washable.