Blue Planet

Blue Planet Tropical & Cold Water Classic 50 Litre Fish Tank

ILC: 9400539091394

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These aquariums come complete with a fully pressurized, 3-stage filter and water pump on top of the aquarium unit. Adjustable flow regulator to suit various fish types or as required. Tanks are suitable for either fresh & saltwater fish. For this size aquarium, we recommend freshwater fish only. Hood lifts for easy access and cleaning.

Features & Specifications
Aquarium Dimensions: 58.5 x 32 x 38.5 cm (LxDxH)
Water Capacity: 54 Litres
Pump Capacity: 450 L/hr
Wattage: 5 watts
Lamp: 3 watt LED Lighting
Heater: Free Aquarium Heater
Filter box includes media.
Hood lifts for easy access and cleaning.