AnimaTwists Chew Decker Dog Toy

ILC: 853012004685

$16.40 $11.48 $4.92

Extra Decker (middle piece) to add more fun to your AnimaTwists dog toys! Make it a single-decker, double-decker, triple decker or whatever the deck you want! Fill with an AnimaChew or a sized-to-fit Himalayan Dog Chew. Simply twist your topper and click your capper. Any number of Deckers can be attached and combo'd between Toppers (the top pieces) and Cappers (the bottom pieces) of our AnimaTwists to add that extra challenge to chew playtime. As dog chews toy, tiny bristle-like projections form on surface of nylon portion (the middle of the toy) which helps clean teeth. Dishwasher safe.
Made for Dogs. Supervise consumption.
Discard small pieces. Replace if damaged.
100% non-toxic nylon. 100% non-toxic durable rubber.